Leaked pictures of Nokia Lumia handset, Catwalk, with aluminum body

As many may have read or heard that the next Nokia handset will have an aluminum or metal chassis. Now these two leaked pictures which shows a handset with Nokia logo, originated from Sina Weibo might further confirm the rumors.


Codenamed “Catwalk”, this handset has the Micro USB port on top and next to the 3.5mm jack. In my opinion, this is not a wise move. And next to the micro USB port, you can see a SIM card slot (based on recent design of Nokia handsets).

Currently, the only rumored handset that might have an aluminum body is the Nokia Lumia 928 that is heading to the US market.


On the back, it has quite a large camera. Could it be theĀ Project EOS? Nobody knows. It is very different from the current Nokia Lumia range of phones. There are no details on the specs from the source.


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