KakaoTalk might be launching a similar product like Facebook Home

For those who are waiting for Facebook Home, it might be a long wait. The initial launch on Friday is limited to a few handsets (high end) and only in US. And although Facebook promised that other Android smartphones will get it, there is no timeline in sight.

This is the current KakaoTalk app, not the launcher app

However, it seems that the trend of delivering an Android launcher has caught up with some companies. One of them is KakaoTalk. According to sources, KakaoTalk is ready to deliver its version of Android launcher in a few weeks. This version will have call and messaging features incorporated.

Although launcher apps are not uncommon, it seems to pick up steam after Facebook Home announcement. In my opinion, to match Facebook Home experience is a tall order. The reason is simply because many people are already consuming data from Facebook with or without Facebook Home. For others like KakaoTalk, it might be just the Southeast Asian countries that are using it.

Right now, it is too early to say if Facebook Home is a success. I am looking forward to other competitors to join in this “fun”. When there is competition, I believe the product will get better.

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(source via TechCrunch)

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