Singapore version of Lady First on StarHub TV from May 2013

Normally, I don’t talk about fashion, make-over or StarHub TV program. But I think Lady First 女人我最大 will be something that is of interest. If you have watch the program, you will know that sometimes they will invite bloggers to the show to showcase their skills or products.


I think this is really good, especially the Singapore version of the show, Lady First – Singapore女人我最大- 新加坡, is hosted by the original celebrated Taiwanese host, Pauline Lan蓝心湄.

Already from the first of celebrities, I can see some familiar faces in the blogging scenes or at events. There will also be an app to complement the show. StarHub TV will be launching a second screen app featuring Lady First – Singapore. During the show, viewers can log on to the app via their Facebook accounts on their smart devices, and access additional content that complements the programme in real time. Through the second screen app, users can also access Instagram to participate in the weekly contests as well as quizzes.

Here is the super long Press Release with Chinese to English translation of the names.

Press Release

Lady First on StarHub TV

-StarHub TV to produce Singapore’s version of top Taiwanese beauty and lifestyle magazine show- 

-Lady First host Pauline Lan to helm local edition-

Singapore, 4 April 2013 – Top Taiwanese beauty and lifestyle magazine show, Lady First (女人我最大) will soon have a made-in-Singapore version! StarHub TV is collaborating with Hong Kong TVB and its Taiwanese arm TVBS, to produce a Singapore version of the highly-successful long-running beauty and fashion infotainment programme. Lady First – Singapore (女人我最大- 新加坡) promises viewers useful insights into the world of beauty and fashion, while injecting it with a local flavour.

Celebrated Taiwanese host Pauline Lan (蓝心湄), whose name is now synonymous with the show in Taiwan, will be helming Lady First – Singapore. She will be joined by Lady First’s resident stylists Kevin Chou, Wu Yi Lin and Xiao Kai, all of whom are renowned beauty and fashion experts in Taiwan. Also lending star power to the production are top local stylists such as skincare expert Bryan Gan, make-up maestro Clarence Lee, style guru Keith Png and hairstyling whiz Ken Hong, who will be dishing out expert advice and insider tips.

In addition to the team of expert stylists, there will also be a 10-member team made up of local female personalities who will form the “ladies team”. These guest personalities will appear in the show to give their take on the latest beauty products and hottest fashion trends in the market, and also double up as models for the stylists. The leader of the ladies team, Kelly Poon, who is a Singaporean singer, will also host the outdoor segment in the show. This outdoor segment, unique to Lady First – Singapore will see Kelly taking to the streets to talk to different women regarding the topic of the day. Other members include Cheryl Wee, a home-grown beauty queen, and Winnie Lee (better known as Vee) and Celyn Liew (both singing talents uncovered in Sunsilk Academy Fantasia – a reality singing competition organised by StarHub).

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Touching on StarHub’s partnership with TVB and TVBS, Ms Lee Soo Hui, Vice President of Media Business Unit, StarHub said, “We are excited to extend our longstanding relationship with TVB through the collaboration of Lady First – Singapore. The original format has been one of the most popular and long-running lifestyle magazine shows in Asia to date. We believe this is because beauty is a universal topic that sets everyone talking, especially for the ladies. Through the production of a local edition, we hope to continue to engage our customers by making it more relevant for them. For example, the ladies in Singapore generally prefer to wear casual clothing with flip flops, so at Lady First – Singapore, we will dish out tips on how to transform this look into an outfit that is comfortable and suitable for our climate, but with added chic. We are confident that Lady First – Singapore will be well-received by the local audience.”

“In addition to engaging our customers, Lady First – Singapore is also a great platform to nurture our local talents. That is why we have invited two finalists of Sunsilk Academy Fantasia, Vee and Celyn, to participate in the show. We hope they will be able to find their niche by offering them another opportunity to shine – be it in singing, acting or hosting,” Ms Lee added.

Mr Sherman Lee, Controller of TVBI enthused, “We take great delight in partnering StarHub for the production of Lady First – Singapore. Lady First which is one of the popular flagship programme on TVBS-Asia (StarHub TV Channel 828), is widely recognised as a successful lifestyle programme in Asia. Its topics on lifestyle and beauty are appealing to viewers, particularly fervent female supporters. This brilliant show which will be helmed by super host Pauline Lan, will be her first studio programme in Singapore. We hope to bring over the originality of the show, and make use of this platform to interact with the local viewers. We wish Lady First – Singapore a success and that it will be the talk of the town!”

Lady First – Singapore premieres on E City (StarHub TV Channel 111/825) on 20 May at 8pm. As E City is currently available to all StarHub TV customers on a complimentary basis, more than 500,000 households in Singapore will be able to gain access to the channel. Lady First – Singapore will also be made available on StarHub TV Anywhere on to allow viewers to catch the programme on the move.

Viewers can look forward to journeying along with Lady First – Singapore across different platforms. On the social media front, ‘live’ updates from on-ground events and publicity stunts will be shared on StarHub Entertainment Facebook page, Instagram and Twitter.  Fans can also look forward to participating in weekly contests such as “Best Hairdo of the Week” via Instagram. To join in the discussion or share their thoughts on Twitter and Instagram, fans can follow the official hashtag #ladyfirstsg. For enhanced convenience and accessibility, StarHub’s new dedicated YouTube channel which houses all StarHub-related video clips will enable viewers to check out Lady First – Singapore’s trailers and videos in just one click.

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To make the viewing experience more interactive, StarHub TV will be launching a second screen app featuring Lady First – Singapore. While watching the programme, viewers can log on to the app via their Facebook accounts on their smart devices, and access additional content that complements the programme in real time. This additional content includes product reviews, cast details, and highlights of the show. Through the second screen app, users can also access Instagram to participate in the weekly contests as well as quizzes.

As a way of showing appreciation, StarHub TV will be offering exciting rewards exclusively for its customers. These include a chance to win makeover sessions with Lady First – Singapore’s stylists at its launch event at Compass Point shopping mall on 27 April, participate in Lady First – Singapore contests, as well as being the first few to lay their hands on limited-edition premiums from Lady First – Singapore.

The longstanding success of Lady First hinges on its reputation as a credible magazine show, presenting unbiased tips and recommendations that are instrumental to the integrity of the show. Similar to Taiwan’s Lady First, the brands of featured products on Lady First – Singapore will also be masked out on TV, and product recommendations made by the stylists will be based on their personal experiences with the products.

Viewers who are keen to find out more about featured products will be directed to a specially set-up microsite at ( where they can also chat with like-minded people on the forum, and keep up-to-date via its photo and video galleries. Webisodes that are not shown on air will also be made available exclusively at the microsite. These webisodes offer a more personal aspect to the show, for example sneak peeks into the stylists’ bags to find out which skincare items they swear by. Viewers who miss an episode can also check out the microsite for video clips on key highlights of each episode.

With a total of 13 episodes revolving around a different topic every week, viewers can look forward to exciting tips and advice that are specially tailored for the ladies in Singapore. These topics include:

  • Summer Makeup & Hair
  • How to Choose the Right Clothes – Fashion Cover Ups: XL to XS
  • 20s, 30s & 40s Beautiful Women
  • Eye Makeup Tips
  • Fashionable Casual Style
  • Work Glamour
  • Flawless Whitening Skin
  • Day to Night Makeover
  • Wardrobe Rescue
  • A Guide to Dressing Up in 5 Minutes
  • Sexy Beach Wear
  • Elegant Evening Wear
  • Travel in Style

As a show of support for StarHub’s production, Watsons, which is coming onboard as presenter of Lady First – Singapore, will be joined by other sponsors like Hada Labo, Clariancy, ALDO and Triumph. In response to this, Ms Lee expressed, “We are heartened that Watsons and all the other sponsors are coming onboard to show their support. We look forward to a wonderful partnership and hope to repay their confidence in StarHub by making Lady First – Singapore a success.”

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About StarHub:

StarHub is Singapore’s fully-integrated info-communication company, offering a full range of information, communications and entertainment services for both consumer and corporate markets. StarHub operates Singapore’s fastest two-way HSPA+ mobile network that delivers up to 21Mbps for downlink to complement its nation-wide GSM network, and an island-wide HFC network that delivers multi-channel cable TV services (including High Definition Television and on-demand services) as well as ultra-high speed residential broadband services.

StarHub also operates an extensive fixed business network that provides a wide range of data, voice and wholesale services. Over Singapore’s fibre-based Next Generation Nationwide Broadband Network, StarHub offers a broad range of home and business broadband plans along with a host of advanced media-rich value-added services.

Launched in 2000, StarHub has become one of Singapore’s most innovative info-communications providers, and the pioneer in ‘hubbing’ – the ability to deliver unique integrated and converged services to all its customers. StarHub, listed on the main board of the Singapore Exchange since October 2004, is a component stock of the Straits Times Index and the MSCI Singapore Free Index.

Lady First – Singapore Chinese Translations

Lady First – Singapore 女人我最大- 新加坡

Lady First 女人我最大

StarHub TV 星和视界

TVB 香港无线

E City 都会台

TV Anywhere 随处电视

Ms Lee Soo Hui 李素慧、 副总裁、多媒体企业部

Mr Sherman Lee 李德基、总监、TVB 国际业务部

Pauline Lan 蓝心湄

Xiao Kai 小凱

Wu Yi Lin 吴依霖

Kelly Poon 潘嘉丽

Angel Yeung 杨迪嘉

Candyce Toh 杜蕙甹

Carrie Yeo 杨佳盈

Celyn Liew Zhi Lin 柳芷琳

Cheryl Wee 黄馨慧

Kanny Theng 伶恩

Tay Kexin 郑可欣

Silver Ang 洪子惠

Vee Lee Ying Ying 李盈瑩

Presenter 荣誉呈献

Main sponsor 主要赞助

Co-sponsors 合赞助

Ladies Team女人军团 

1 Kelly Poon (Leader) 潘嘉丽

2 Angel Yeung 杨迪嘉

3 Candyce Toh 杜蕙甹

4 Carrie Yeo 杨佳盈

5 Celyn Liew Zhi Lin 柳芷琳

6 Cheryl Wee 黄馨慧

7 Kanny Theng 伶恩

8 Tay Kexin 郑可欣

9 Silver Ang 洪子惠

10 Vee Lee Ying Ying 李盈瑩

Episodic Themes 主题

1 Summer Makeup & Hair 热带完美彩妆发型

2 How to Choose the Right Clothes – Fashion Cover Ups: XL to XS 造型“障眼法”:“大女人”变身“小女人”

3 20s, 30s & 40s Beautiful Women 20、30、40美人计

4 Eye Makeup Tips 美丽眼妆魔法

5 Fashionable Casual Style 最时尚的休闲造型

6 Work Glamour 魅力上班族

7 Flawless Whitening Skin 美白大作战

8 Day to Night Makeover 越夜越美丽-上班族变身魔法

9 Wardrobe Rescue 抢救你的衣橱

10 A Guide to Dressing Up in 5 Minutes 5分钟快速出门绝技

11 Sexy Beach Wear 沙滩美人必杀技

12 Elegant Evening Wear 晚宴女王的秘密

13 Travel in Style 漂漂亮亮旅行去