YouTube deletes all videos, relaunches in 2023 (video)

After 8 years, YouTube announces that they are taking the last entries to YouTube, after which it will shutdown for the next 10 years for the judges to find a winner from all the videos uploaded. It will relaunch again in 2023 with that single video.


The panel of judges are celebrities YouTubers like iJustine, Matt Harding and etc. YouTube also shocked the world by saying that it is just a contest site for the past years to find the best video. Watch the announcement.

Of course, I am sure that all of you are smart enough to know that this is just some April Fool’s’ Day prank by YouTube. In no right mind will Google want to shutdown YouTube. However, if you still think that it is true, you can head right to the countdown site for their special announcement (There might be one but definitely not the shutdown).

Click Here to YouTube Special Announcement


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