Say NO to 3D printing of weapons (video)

While our Singapore government embraces 3D printing (me too), some people in the world are using this technology in the wrong way – Printing weapons. This might be what most governments (BTW, is there a plural for government) fear. Imagine getting a CAD drawing of a weapon and using affordable 3D printers to print them out.


Check out this documentary on 3D printed gun. I hope we have something in place quickly to stop this. 3D Printing has a short history span. However, it is picking up speed with many manufacturers, hobbyists seeing the benefit of 3D Printing.

With advance in technology, people has used 3D printing to good use. For example, this little girl has can use her arms, thanks to 3D printing. Some has made remote control aircraft from 3D printing. While recently, Nokia has demonstrated that casing can be made easily using 3D printer.

Now, with this documentary, I feared my worse fear has become a reality.┬áCody R. Wilson, a 25-year-old University of Texas law student, is printing weapons through open source at the comfort of their home. We need to regulate or stop this from happening. The only “comfort” from this documentary is that the weapon broke within a single magazine (about 30 rounds) and it is not a complete weapon. That, to me, is already a frightful scenario.

I hope that we continue to innovate with 3D printing and at the same time, make it safe for everyone. Let me know what you think.

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