HTC One beats the competitors in Quadrant Benchmark test (video)

Finally, I have done it. I ran the quadrant benchmark test (app) for all 4 handsets. They are: HTC One, HTC Butterfly, Sony Xperia Z and also the Samsung GALAXY Note 1.


I think I am missing the Samsung GALAXY Note 2 and GALAXY S3. Nevertheless, what I want to say is that the results for the HTC One blows me away. The closest score I get to HTC One is the HTC Butterfly.

Here are the breakdown

Model Total CPU Mem I/O 2D 3D
HTC One* 12471 37014 11236 10825 1023 2255
HTC Butterfly 8102 18671 9991 9244 495 2108
Sony Xperia Z 7433 17592 9742 7227 427 2175
Samsung GALAXY Note 1 3959 6464 3679 7231 298 2121
* HTC One is a pre-production set

Do note that these values are not consistent. They will change (more or less) on every test. So, please take this as a reference. And also take note that the HTC One is a pre-production set. The production results might be different.

As you can see, the Samsung GALAXY Note has the lowest score as expected. As for HTC One, it has a score of a whopping 12,471 which is very high.

Check out the video during the test.

As I had the HTC One at different time from the rest, I made a separate video.

And here is the video for HTC Butterfly, Sony Xperia Z and Samsung GALAXY Note 1

Check out the individual score.



HTC Butterfly



Sony Xperia Z





Samsung GALAXY Note 1


Actually, I choose not to be too concern with these figures as I think the User Experience is more important than the scoring. Nevertheless, it is nice to boast that you have the best (in terms of score) handset around.

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