Support Sliverline, Smartphone apps made for the seniors (Video)

Silverline was originally created as a charity program in Singapore. Second-hand smartphones were collected, refurbished and added with Silverline customized apps. These phone were then given to underserved seniors. Now, they need your help to expand their iOS apps that can improve the quality of life for seniors.


Currently, they are running a campaign (5th MARCH 2013 – 18th APRIL 2013) at Indiegogo to collect USD50,000 so that they can expand their apps to help the elderly.

Click Here to Support Silverline App for the Seniors

They have already developed 5 apps for the seniors. They are: Inspire, Connect, Well Being, Discover and Emergency. All these apps have one common objective. That is the ease of use for seniors/elderly.

Here is a short video from the founders, Lilin and Jason.

And here are the short introduction to those apps.



Inspire features daily headlines and human-interest stories delivered in text, picture and video formats. These stories keep users informed of current events and raises their spirits through feel good stories and uplifting quotes.



Connect presents the contact list in a user friendly and visual format. Using pictures of the contact as well as their name in text provides simple navigation to the visually impaired.

Well Being


Well Being provides simple reminders for taking medicine, drinking water and doing exercise. It allows users to monitor their moods and watch videos providing simple health tips to implement in their daily routines. We are continuing to work with health authorities to create additional apps focused on keeping seniors happy and healthy.

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Discover allows users to snap pictures of where they are or interesting things they see and documents them in a time orientated photo album. Each image is geo-tagged and time stamped automatically with the user given the option to describe each image. It is a wonderful way to document and share their activities through the day.



Simple icons for emergency assistance are just a tap of the finger away. In the case of a fall being detected or the phone remaining idle for more than a certain period of time, a message will be sent to ensure there is nothing wrong. If the message is not verified, a message will be sent to your phone notifying you of the situation.

Check out this video that shows how these apps can benefit the seniors.

They have more ideas on their future apps like Go & Explore,  Personal Security,  Health & Wellbeing,  Connecting with Family. However, they will need to reach their goal of USD50,000 before 18th April. The support starts from USD5. BTW, if you like the apps, you can donate to get them. They are NOT available on Apple App Store.

Click Here to Support Silverline App for the Seniors

Currently, they are focused on getting the apps right on iOS devices. They will work on Android version later. Just some technical information if you are interested:-

  • Hardware requirements: iPhone 3GS, 4, 4S or 5
  • Software requirements: iOS 5.x or later

So, remember to support them!