MyRepublic users can soon stream movies, TV programme via Teleport

MyRepublic announced a new initiative where MyRepublic users can soon stream their favorite TV programme or movies (from popular streaming providers Netflix, Hulu, BBC iPlayer and Pandora Internet Radio) via Teleport.


As Teleport is fully integrated into the infrastructure of MyRepublic, you can expect a smooth streaming experience. More information in the Press Release.

BTW, I think you might be interested to know. MyRepublic CEO Malcolm Rodrigues and CCO K.C. Lai also announced their anniversary promotion plans as low as $38.88/month for PURE as well as offering  a free upgrade for current customers from PURE (100 Mbps) to PURE HD (150Mbps).

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Press Release

MyRepublic users can soon stream their favourite TV and movies from around the world with Teleport, a innovative service that surpasses traditional VPN workarounds.

Singapore, February 28, 2013 — Marking Singapore’s Bold New Internet Service Provider’s first year anniversary and its next exciting year ahead, MyRepublic is announcing the launch of Teleport: a new service to provide its customers easy access and premium connectivity to TV channels and online media content from across the globe.

Hugely popular streaming providers Netflix, Hulu, BBC iPlayer and Pandora Internet Radio will be just the start in terms of websites made accessible to Teleport users. MyRepublic CEO Malcolm Rodrigues promises a wide and expanding selection of online entertainment sources enabled via Teleport, a vision fitting in with MyRepublic’s role as a Next Generation internet service provider in an era of rapidly evolving internet use.

“An increasing number of consumers are getting their entertainment from online sources. They’re discarding their set-top box and traditional TV viewing habits for over-the-top (OTT) content delivery — a channel that lets them watch what they want, when they want, on which devices they want, and at prices dramatically lower than what they pay to cable TV providers.”

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While Teleport will enable MyRepublic users to connect to the aforementioned content providers, one may still be required to register an account for certain services, such as Netflix, before the content is made fully available.

In 2012, the broadcast industry has continued to see a decline in pay-TV subscriptions. Pay-TV in Western Europe lost a total of 384,000 subscribers, with more than 400,000 Americans cancelling their pay-TV subscriptions (Reuters, 2012). Even in Singapore, a local cable operator has seen a 2% drop in pay-TV subscribers over the past year.

In contrast, MyRepublic has observed online video streaming usage soar, climbing from 17% to 45% of its total network traffic over the past 12 months. And with the ever-growing wealth of content providers online, the demand from customers for a quality connection that delivers the best and latest content on the web will keep on growing too.

Dissatisfied with the limitations of existing workarounds using Virtual Private Network (VPN) technology, MyRepublic has chosen to invest in developing its own innovative solution. Unlike VPN services that force users to reroute and funnel all their internet traffic through an at-times unreliable third-party system, Teleport is fully integrated with MyRepublic’s own network, leveraging on its unique network strengths.

For instance, to deliver a smooth streaming experience, MyRepublic employs Deep Packet Inspection technology to identify data packets that come from web streaming applications, ensuring that they enjoy a higher transmission priority and keeping any buffering time for streaming to a minimum.

Users of traditional VPNs looking to watch content on Netflix or Hulu would not have been able to enjoy the benefits of such a network feature, with all their data being redirected to someone else’s server for encryption and usually facing a bottleneck along the way.

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Designed for the casual user, MyRepublic’s Teleport is by comparison exceptionally simple to setup and use. The add-on service’s activation is done entirely on the network end, with the benefits available to the customer’s home connection and accessible across multiple devices seamlessly. No extra home networking configurations or technical knowledge is needed.

K.C. Lai, MyRepublic’s Chief Commercial Officer, views Teleport as a catalyst in the industry’s move towards OTT content and a key step in educating and informing the average consumer of the options available today.

He says, “We want to bring Singaporeans to the next frontier of technology, to offer them the best that the Internet can provide. It’s a globalised world with an amazing supply of over-the-top content online. With Teleport, we aim to unlock a new world of entertainment.”

Singapore’s fourth consumer-focused service provider, MyRepublic has established a reputation for itself over the past year as a disruptive influence in the market. Since its launch, the operator has introduced No Contract plans, championed no international data caps and launched a segment product specially catering to the latency-sensitive needs of online gamers.

In the months following, the other telcos have started advertising claims of “Unlimited International Bandwidth”, deemphasised DSL internet plans as well as launched their own gamer-themed products. Taking these developments in stride, Rodrigues said, “We’re proud to have altered the competitive landscape for consumer broadband services. This year we’re all geared to shake up the market again, starting with Teleport.”

MyRepublic is inviting 1,000 customers to register for the Teleport beta trial. Starting in early April, this stage of beta testing will open access to USA and UK-based networks and programming. A full service offering will be announced and made available shortly after.

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About MyRepublic Pte Ltd

Since their official launch in February 2012, MyRepublic has emerged as Singapore’s Bold New Internet Service Provider and the country’s fourth largest operator. A homegrown brand, MyRepublic has purposefully set out to deliver the next generation of high-speed fibre broadband service, and to transform a decades-old traditional telecom landscape with a uniquely people-focused approach, from product design to customer interactions. Having launched Singapore’s first No Contract promotion as well as Singapore’s first gamer-focused fibre broadband service, the start-up continues to win over new hearts and minds with its two-fold brand promise of outstanding customer service and best-in-class broadband connectivity.