UFO sighted, satellite crashing down in Singapore (Video)

UFO sighted over the sky of Singapore after a satellite came crashing down. This is not a drill, it is happening on my mobile phone. Thanks to FXGURU app, I have fun making this video.


Watch this video. You don’t want this to happen in Singapore.

Thanks goodness, these are just FX effect from FXGURU app. TheFXGURU app is free to download on Android. It has 3 free effects: Satellite Crashing, UFO Shuttle, Valentine Bot. Another effect, TNT Barrel can be unlocked if you share FXGURU to Facebook.

There are many more which you will have to pay to unlock them. Each effect cost S$1.29 and if you buy the bundle, it will cost you S$11.00

Click Here to Get FXGURU App for Android

BTW, here is how I made my video.

  • Two videos were taken and special FX applied using the FXGURU app on Android
  • Using Window Movie Maker, I add the two video together with slight editing (shortening the footage).
  • Audio of the UFO was overlaid on the first satellite video to give a consistent feel.
  • 5 minutes to edit 🙂


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