Adobe launches Education Store in Singapore

Good news for students in Singapore. Adobe has launched Adobe Education Store and now, students and teachers can get the premium products from Adobe at very low cost. Check out the media release for more information.


Here is a short media release

Adobe Launches Education Store in Singapore

Adobe Singapore today announced the launch of its education store providing a convenient way for students and teachers to purchase leading Adobe creative and design technologies such as Photoshop ®, InDesign ® and Acrobat ® at discounts of up to 80%*. Products will be available for electronic download or in shrink-wrap boxes.

Janie Lim, Group Marketing Manager South East Asia, Adobe Systems, said the launch brought significant benefits to students and teachers in Singapore. “This is a convenient and fast way to access the latest Adobe software range, including our flagship solution Adobe® Creative Suite® 6. Immediate electronic download to your device eliminates the delay of waiting for your software to arrive through traditional shipping methods, and reduces costs. Buying through also ensures students and teachers are can be confident they are purchasing genuine Adobe software.  We offer a wide choice of secure payment methods, including credit card payments.”

Adobe solutions including Photoshop and InDesign are widely used in schools and institutions across Singapore. In addition to helping students create projects, portfolios and resumes, the software is also used extensively u educators to help develop more engaging, rich-media curriculae, and to improve collaborative working skills among students. A survey of more than 500 educators across APAC undertaken by Adobe in March 2012, showed that 55% of respondents believed that by 2017, there would be a significant increase in the role of digital tools in the classroom, including an increase of tablets, e-books, and digital content in education.

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In the same survey, 81% of respondents believed it was very important to incorporate creativity tools and techniques in the classroom to help prepare students for a 21st century workplace.

Janie Lim encouraged Adobe customers to visit regularly to learn more about Adobe solutions in education, promotions, events and special offers. “To keep up-to-date with all the news about Adobe in Singapore, customers can also follow us on,” said Janie Lim.

For more detailed information about Adobe’s educational upgrade policies and pricing, as well as the full portfolio of suites, please visit

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