6000 participants at Singapore’s first Green Corridor Run

Yesterday, 6,000 participants were gathered at Tanjong Pagar Rail Station for Singapore’s first Green Corridor Run presented by BlackBerry. I was amongst the crowd to enjoy this scenic run from Tanjong Pagar Rail Station to Bukit Timah Rail Station.

Starting Line

The run was organized in three waves, 7:15am, 7:45am, 8:15am. Before the start of the 2nd wave, we were told that someone cleared the finish line for first wave. That person is Samson Tenai from Kenya and he finished the 10.5 km run in 34.11 minutes. That was fast.

My only gross for the run is the lack of waterpoint to wash away the mud from the trail. I can see many people went home together with the mud on their shoes. And as the race started near residential area, it was very quiet. There was no music at all. Nevertheless, the scenic view make up for it.

Many people took the opportunity to take pictures along the way. Kudos to the organizers to place planks along the way to cover the mud. Although everyone knows that they will get dirty with this trail, not many are willing to dip their shoes into the thick mud (me included). That is why there was a bottle-neck at the first few kilometers of the run as there was no planks for the first muddy area and many chose to walk through the area slowly.

Here is a shot from the finishing point (Bukit Timah old Rail Station).


Here is the “reward”.


Here is a shot of the winners.

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Overall winners Rosie Clarke and Samson Tenai

Here is the Press Release

Press Release