Google Zamboni Doodle makes you counter-productive

Google has done it again. This time, it has a game, Zamboni, as a doodle. Previously, I remembered Pac-man as the first interactive doodle. Now, this game is more fun (in my opinion) and makes you less productive 🙂 .


From my check, the game is not available on Singapore page or even on  page. You will need to go to to see this doodle.

Or if you are still having problem, click the below link. Once you are there, click on the link “See the interactive version here!”

Click Here to Google Zamboni Doodle

BTW, Zamboni is actually the ice resurfacer invented by Frank Joseph Zamboni, Jr. (January 16, 1901 – July 27, 1988) and his surname Zamboni is registered as a trademark.


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