Nuance introduces Swype Living Language with Smart Editor

I love Swype. Now, it is getting better. Nuance today announces the Swype Living Language and Smart Editor. Swype Living Language allows people who opt-in to share and receive trending words and phrases in real-time, creating an up-to-date, crowd-sourced language model. And Smart Editor analyzes an entire sentence, flagging any potential errors for a quick fix and update, including suggesting the most likely alternatives based on contextual analysis.


If you cannot wait, click on the link to download Swype Beta Installer. Note that you should use your Android device to go to the link as once you click on the download link, it will download directly to your device.

Click Here to Download Swype Beta Installer

BTW, to make full use of the Swype software, I suggest you register an account to get the latest information or to transmit data back to them as part of the crowd sourcing.

Here is the PR I copied from Android Central.

Press Release