Google will remove restriction of Google Maps on Windows Phone

Just a day after websites posted Google’s decision to block Windows Phone users from using Google Maps on their devices, Google issued a statement (via TNW) to claim that the redirect is a product decision and they will remove this decision. What this means is that Windows Phone users will be allow to use the maps on the mobile IE again. As of this writing, I am still unable to access the Google Maps.


This is the statement from Google which I copied from TNW.

We periodically test Google Maps compatibility with mobile browsers to make sure we deliver the best experience for those users.

In our last test, IE mobile still did not offer a good maps experience with no ability to pan or zoom and perform basic map functionality. As a result, we chose to continue to redirect IE mobile users to where they could at least make local searches. The Firefox mobile browser did offer a somewhat better user experience and that’s why there is no redirect for those users.

Recent improvements to IE mobile and Google Maps now deliver a better experience and we are currently working to remove the redirect. We will continue to test Google Maps compatibility with other mobile browsers to ensure the best possible experience for users.

I believe this is great news for Windows Phone users. I wonder why Google decides to redirect WP users since the WP users are not that high (as compared to Android or iOS users).

Microsoft now has other uphill tasks to tackle too. For example, the removal of ActiveSync support from Google. Users need a solution. And, NO, it is not cool for Microsoft to respond to this matter by asking users to switch to There is also a story about YouTube app being blocked by Google too!

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The war will continue and consumers may have to choose side. Microsoft is eager to capture the 3rd position in the Mobile OS marke while I think Google is contended that two (Apple and Google) is enough.