G-Form drops Xtreme iPhone 5 Case from 100,000ft (Video)

G-Form has done it again. They have dropped a Xtreme iPhone 5 case from 100,000ft above the ground (although the case is in fact holding an iPod Touch) and the iPod Touch landed safely.


I really wonder why they did not put an iPhone 5 inside the casing but instead choose to put an iPod Touch (as stated in their YouTube video description). Anyway, many people have cried foul over this experiment plus the fact that the camera went dead (due to the extreme temperature) halfway down.

An excerpt from the information on the YouTube video: –

The company released a stunning video where the nearly naked iPod is shown hanging above the Earth in the blackness of space. In the video, the iPod is lifted to over 100,000 feet by a weather balloon which bursts at altitude, then releasing the iPod to free-fall to Earth where it crash lands on a rocky hillside in the Nevada countryside. Perhaps even more remarkable than the dramatic footage itself is the fact that the iPod survives the adventure, completely unharmed.

The company captured a portion of the ascent on the device itself which eventually shut down due to extremely cold atmospheric conditions. G-Form plans to release this additional footage shortly.

Check out the video.

The G-Form Xtreme iPhone 5 case is sold at USD39.99.

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