Nokia Pokes Fun at iPhone 5 “dull” Colors with Video

I think the world has seen enough of Samsung and Apple “battle” since the arrival of iPhone 5. Now it seems that it is Nokia’s turn to have fun with some subtle message about its colorful selection of Nokia Lumia 920.

There is NO mention of iPhone 5 in this video but it is obviously pointing to iPhone 5. In the video, Nokia might be trying to depict iPhone users as zombies queuing up for the iPhone 5 and when someone suggested a color change, alarms start to ring. BTW, this is my interpretation of the video. You can interpret in whichever ways you like.

Here is the video.

I guess the whole message that Nokia wants to bring to us is that Nokia Lumia 920 is vibrant and dare to be different. Therefore, it is time to switch over.

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