Myth of Teleportation superhuman in China debunked (Video)

In September 2012, a video was making its round through the Internet via Youku and YouTube. It shows a person appearing in lightning speed to save a motorist/cyclist from a truck in China. In the video, the “superhuman” managed to teleport the person to safety before walking away coolly.


There were many theories about the video. Some “experts” think that the video is real. Some think that it is some kind of gimmick. Here is the video.

While everyone is still wondering the truth about the video, another two more videos showed up. A girl that was caught on camera showing some extraordinary power. It has a special logo on her back that will emit light when she uses them.

This leads many to wonder what it is. Here is the video (combination of both videos).

Finally, the answer is clear, it was a promotion for a game that was launched in September 2012. I really have to admire the marketing people for coming up such marketing tactics for a game. The game is 诛仙2·末日与曙光. It is a online gaming in Chinese.

Here is the Website

Here is a trailer video of the game. Notice the logo is the same (or similar) that appears on the video above).

While trying to find out more information about the game, I realized that that the company, Perfect World, has big budget. There is even a song sang by 周迅 (Zhou Xun), an actress and singer.

Thanks to NTDOffTheGreatWall for sharing the truth about the videos. Now, my mind is at peace. There is no superhuman with teleportation power in the world. But I must say that the video on the teleportation is very well made.

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