Audi Fashion Festival 2012

Thanks to Canon, I was invited to the Audi Fashion Festival 2012 (AFF 2012). Canon is one of the sponsors for this event. The show I went was last Thursday featuring designers Timo Weiland, Yeojin Bae, Esther Perbandt (Pre-Spring 2013).

On that day, Canon loaned me a Canon EOS 5D Mark III. It was an awesome camera. I had about half an hour to play with it before the fashion show began. My word of advice. Do not use an unfamiliar camera for important shoot. I did some mistakes in my settings during the shoot but thanks goodness, it was a casual shoot for me.

Here are some images I captured with ISO set to 3200 and most of the pictures are cropped and combined together with little adjustment on the brightness and contrast (except one in Black and White). I am very impressed with the low noise at ISO3200.

Some shots before the show started.

Thanks to Canon, I was able to be at the media pit with fellow photographers. They were very professional and I thoroughly enjoyed the shoot. More of these pictures will be uploaded (in higher resolution) on TechieLobang Page. I will do more test shots on the Canon EOS 5D Mark III.