Sponsored Video: James Franco and his Samsung GALAXY Camera

It is James Franco again. This time, he is armed with the Samsung GALAXY Camera. He is going to show you how you can maximize the usage of this camera. Think of it (the camera) as a gateway to your social media.


The above picture is what I usually encountered. After taking a group shot, there will be requests from your friends to take the same group shot with their smartphones or cameras or you can simply call it the “Me Too!” syndrome.

The Samsung GALAXY Camera can easily share the photograph you have taken via social media, email or etc. So, the people in the same group can get them instantly too. There is NO NEED to take the same picture again.

Here is another scenario I believe it has happened to you before. You are taking a group shot and it turns out that one of them closes the eyes. Familiar? Well, the Samsung GALAXY Camera has a function called “Best Face”. After taking a group shot, you can choose the facial expression of individual. Problem solved.


Actually, there are a couple of cool features that you will not find in typical compact camera. For example, it has a cool slow motion feature that can capture video at 120fps. There is another feature that might save you a lot of trouble. You can set the camera to upload the pictures instantly to Dropbox (via Cellular or WiFi). If you lost your camera, you know that the pictures are safe in your Dropbox.

Apart from all these features, it has a 21x optical zoom (not digital) and over 65 editing features on board the camera and more.

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I guess this video says it all. Watch it.

BTW, if you need more information, you can check out their Samsung Camera Facebook page or if you need more information about the Samsung GALAXY Camera, you can check out its website.

This post has been sponsored by Samsung, but all thoughts are my own.