This is the Singapore that you have not seen before

In less than 2 weeks, we will be celebrating Singapore’s 49th birthday. I have been telling everyone that Singapore has changed so much that if you are away for a few years, you might not recognize it.  As you might already know, I like photography. It is through photographs that memories are preserved. Likewise, in the olden days (in the seventies, eighties), people are also taking pictures to preserve memories.

I have dug out some very old family photos of Singapore. You might or might not even realize that this is Singapore. Check them out.

This is my uncle in the 1970s… not sure where is the exact location but I heard that these elephants were part of a circus.

See? Behind these elephants are actually HDB flats..

This is somewhere in Hougang.. in the 70s too. It is part of a playground.. on hard concrete.

I believe this is my uncle’s car in Punggol and my older brother sitting on it. Very retro… no need for any filter 🙂

Haha. Some pics of my older sisters that looks like tomboy.. Very retro clothing and yes, no need for any filter..

This is my older sis on a baby chair made by bamboo. You seldom see it anymore and at that time in Punggol, my family were so close to nature.

That is it. These pics were scanned by Camscanner on my Android phone. Hope you enjoy them and remember how Singapore has changed, and is still changing. I look forward to many good years ahead.. Some might ask why a technology blog is showing old photos. My answer is simple. They are memories and now, as technology advances, we are able to share old photos using technology to everyone from all walks of life. Isn’t that amazing? 🙂