Google Maps on iPhone demo (Video)

As you may already know, Google has launched Google Maps app for iOS devices (iPod Touch and iPhone). It has more functions than the previous Google Maps on iOS. One of the most significant (in my opinion) feature is that the maps is in vector format.

With vector format, you can rotate or tilt the map. If you have used Android before, you will have no problem with it. There are some features that is not so straight forward.For example, in previous Google Maps on iOS, you can pin an area and easily activate the Street View. In this new app, you will need to slide the address up (as shown below) to click on the Street View feature.

I have done a short video on some of the features of Google Maps. Check it out.

I have yet to tried the turn-by-turn voice navigation. I think the Google Maps on iOS is much better than the one on Android ICS. On iOS version, it will speak out the road or street name. The Google Maps on Android ICS can only provide the general direction. One of the missing features I noticed is the offline maps when compared with Android. I hope that they can implement them later. As of now, the Google Maps is available in 40 countries. I must say that Google has done a good job on the maps.

Click Here to Download Google Maps for iOS