The Real Life Bioshock Infinite Elizabeth (Video)

Anna Moleva is a cosplayer in Russia. Thanks to her effort in making an uncanny appearance of Bioshock Infinite character, Elizabeth, she was given an opportunity to represent Elizabeth in real life.

Check out the picture above. Do they look similar? Here is another picture of here.


In fact, she impresses the game maker, Irrational, so much that they are going to print her face on the box set and make her the official Elizabeth. She will be appearing in events too. In other words, she got a job just by impersonating a gamer character. Not bad.

Click Here to read the Blog Post from Irrational

So, for those out there who wants to make an impression to the game makers, do check out this EOY event and this L2P event that is happening this week 🙂 .


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