Check Out the New Jolla Sailfish OS for Mobile Phones (Video)

A new OS (Operating System) is coming soon. It is called Sailfish and it is from Jolla, a Finnish mobile startup . It seems to be combing the hits and misses from all of the OSes (Android, iOS, Windows Phone, BlackBerry, Maemo).

For example, it has Live Tiles which can actually perform task on the tile itself, rather than just activating an app. It also has notification screen, widgets and etc. Check out the video on the OS.

From the video, it seems that the user is very careful on pressing each icon. It seems that the UI is still a product-in-the-making. Too early to make any judgement.

According to Mashable, Jolla will not be going head-on with iPhone or Android. Instead, they will focus on China to promote the OS.

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