Microsoft is Betting on Celebrities with Windows Phone 8 (Video)

If you have watched the launch of Windows Phone 8 recently, you might have spotted Jessica Alba. Apparently, this is not the only celebrity that you will see with Windows Phone 8.

If you have noticed, Microsoft is also betting on another aspect of the Windows Phone 8. That is the customizable home screen. In the video, Will Arnett is organizing a contest (for AT&T) on the unique home screen of users. Check it out below.

Next, in UK, Holly Willoughby is holding on to her Windows Phone 8 talking about Kid’s Corner in this advertisement.

From The Sun, it seems like JAY-Z and GWEN STEFANI are also roped in to talk about Windows Phone 8. Hopefully, these money are well spent for Microsoft.

In another angle, Microsoft should be more worried about the ecosystem of the Windows Phone 8 which is now about 5:1 ration as compared to iOS.

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