Instagram Announces Instagram Profile on the Web

Instagram has announced on their blog that they are rolling out Instagram Profile on the web. What that means is that now, you can not only see those beautiful Instagram pictures on the web, you can also comment or “like” them.

You might argue that it is not something new. A few months ago, Instagram has already started to allow people to like or comment on pictures on the web. However, it does not have a profile page for the user.

Now, with Instagram Profile, each user will have their own profile page ( for example, my Instagram profile page will be on the web. In the profile page, you can see the bio of the user. You can also follow the user or “like”, make comments on the pictures.

However, Instagram will NOT allow you to upload pictures via the web. You will still need your mobile devices to upload the pictures.

They are now rolling out the Instagram Profile over the week. You might see yours in a few days.

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