New Scosche Accessories Shows Adapter for Apple New Dock Format

Although the world will only know about the new iPhone on 12th September (if the news is correct), there are many leaks that indicate a change of heart from Apple. Apple might be ditching the 30-pins dock to a new mini dock (suspected to be 8-pins type). And now, this is the first time to see an accessories with that smaller dock.

These images from iLounge shows a Micro-USB adapter with the new dock from Scosche. The product above might be called identified as a “syncABLE Pro” wall charger.

And the product below might be called “reNUE Pro” car charger.

I think the consumers will cry out if Apple really changes to the mini dock. Many Apple fans had bought products over the years with the 30-pins dock format. With the change, it means that they will need to buy an adapter to use back the old accessories.

However, in my opinion, if this mini dock has better reliability and features, Apple should change it. The accessories maker will thank Apple for it.