CommunicAsia: PoweRocks Portable Battery

If you happen to be at CommunicAsia this week, check out PoweRocks. It is a US registered, Apple certified company that sell portable batteries for your devices. However, as this is a trade show, there is no way to buy from them.

As mentioned, PoweRocks is a US registered company. According to them, they started making other batteries before venturing into portable batteries.

They are actually from China and their products had graced CES 2012 and etc. I believe you will get to see their products on retail shops soon as there is already distributor in Singapore.

If you notice, over the years, portable batteries remain at output 5V DC as most of our devices are charged at 5V. However, what has changed is the charging current.

Previously, portable batteries are made to have an output of 5V 500 mAh. However, when more power hungry devices appear (like iPad (5V 2.1A) and many smartphones that uses battery like drinking water), the portable batteries also started to increase the output current. The most popular ones now are output at 5V 1A (or 1000mAh).

What is translate to consumers are faster charging time. Do note that even at 1A, it is not advisable to charge an iPad (which has a usually need a 5V 2A output to charge).

For PoweRocks, most of them are output at 5V 1A and they added some innovation to them. For example, this model, eZ Stone.

On first look, it seems that the charging port are already fixed (30-pins for Apple devices and MicroUSB for most devices). However, you can dismantle this head to expose a USB port, which you can use it to charge devices with different head.

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PoweRocks portable batteries has very good quality. According to them, they have to resubmit to Apple many times before they can get the certification.

One question that they asked me, which I don’t know the answer, is that whether my portable batteries are giving out the correct voltage and amperes.

However, because of this certification, it will be priced at a higher range. I do not have the pricing yet but it seems ok after they converted it to US dollar (rough estimation).

They have a variety of capacity and construction for everyone’s need. Some can connect direct to the power socket like this one below.

Here are the rest.

And here is power jacket for iPhone 4/4s.

Hope to see them in store soon. Check out their website.

Click Here to PoweRocks Website