Leaked Windows Phone 8 Screenshots Show Skype Integration

Not sure if Microsoft will announce Windows 8 (or Apollo) on the 20th June meetup or not. Nevertheless, it is always exciting to see leaked pictures of Windows Phone 8. Here is a set showing Skype integration.

Here is another shot of the camera app. Seems like there is a vertical zoom on the left and the standard front/rear button. Not sure what the other is (settings?).

The next set is something interesting and important. It shows the information of the battery life and etc. It is good to know these data. You can even pin it as a Live Tile on the main menu.

Finally, you can see Nokia Drive here (may be a version 3.0). Hopefully it can compete with the competitors.

As mentioned, they are all leaked images, which means it may be fake. Really hope that the old hardware can get updated to the new OS.


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