R2X is the Affordable, Portable Segway Replacement? (Video)

The previous time I ride on a Segway, it was a totally enjoyable feel. However, if you look at the pricing and the size of the Segway, you will know that it is beyond reach for most people. I was fortunate to spot this company Emarco during the PC Show. It has a ECO Rider that is more affordable and a smallest (and lighter) footprint than the Segway with similar functions. Meet the Emarco R2X ECO Rider.

It has similar concept as the Segway. It looks on Gyro and processors to balance the R2X. What makes a great difference is the size. If you see from the above image, you will realize that it takes up almost the same standing space of a person.

Although I mentioned affordable, it is still quite expensive at S$4,500. However, I am sure that it will be great to use it in the Park to admire the scenery.

Here is the specs: –

Max cruise speed:
Min turning radius:
Net weight:
46*32*30 cm
Distance per charge:
Charging time:
3 hours
Max load: 120kg
Battery: Li-Ion 48V, 8Ah
Tyre type: Vacuum Tyre
The diameter of tyre: 18cm
Warranty: 1 Year
Full Lifetime: More than 20000km

What I like is that it has a battery that can last 30 to 40 km. From my understanding, it depends on terrain. If there are a lot of slopes, it will drain faster. According to the company, it can go up an incline of 15 degrees and they have tried 30 degrees without issues.

However, if you compare with the Segway, you will realize that the speed is missing. It has a speed of 15km/hr (which is slower than the Segway).

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Don’t expect it to ride on rough terrain. It is NOT meant for it. Here are some shots of the R2X.

The handle bar.

The mid section where you can extend or retract the height according to the user.

And the base. Very simple design.

And I got another surprise after talking to the person in charge. There is an app for it. It is for Android phone. With the app, Robin M1, the user can communicate with the R2X ECO Rider. It can transmit speed, elevation and etc. The best is that the smartphone can now control the R2X to move like a  remote control car. I am unable to test it as there were too many people. However, I did step up the R2X to have a hands-on experience. It was fun.

Here is a video on the R2X ECO Rider in action.

And if you need to know more about the Emarco R2X ECO Rider, click the below link.

Click Here to Emarco R2X ECO Rider Site