A Look Behind the Scene of Vanity Fair Fashion Shoot for LG Optimus L Series (Video)

Check out the behind the scene video of Vanity Fair Fashion Shoot for LG Optimus L-Series. Like the way the fashion shoot was conducted. Watch the video after the break.

This is an exclusive collaboration with Vanity Fair UK and British celebrity fashion photographer Ralph John Perou to bring to life L-Style, the brand’s new design identity, for style connoisseurs with an eye for great technology.

Perou’s photo shoot will be featured in the July issue of the magazine. The series of black and white photographs showcases models in various poses with LG’s newest Optimus L-Series smartphones, illustrating the five elements of L-Style: Modern Square Style, Harmonized Design Contrast, Floating Mass Technology, Seamless Layout and Sensuous Slim Shape.

Here is the video.


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