Microsoft Makes on{x} app for Android Only (Video)

It may sound ridiculous. Microsoft has made an app specifically for Android (at this moment). Call on{x} (pronounced as on-ex), it allows anyone to create rules using JavaScript for the phone.

It has some ready scripts made by Microsoft that you can use. For example, you can set the rules to allow the phone to check the weather the first time you unlock the phone and remind you to bring umbrella if the weather is no good.

For tech enthusiasts or programmers, you can come up with even more creative ways to utilize this software. At this moment, on{x} is in beta and only for Android. According to Microsoft, they uses Android platform because it has less strict security. Here is an excerpt taken from TechCrunch.

Shira Weinberg, the team’s Program Manager, explained that the less strict security model of the Android platform is well suited for deploying early stage technology previews.

To use the app effectively, you must create the rules on the web. And the only log in option right now is Facebook. These rules will sync to the phone and it will perform the tasks based on the rules.

Watch this video to understand more.

Ready? Click the link below to on{x}

Click Here to on{x} website