SingTel Acquires HungryGoWhere for S$12 Million

SingTel has bought over HungryGoWhere for S$12 million. Its operation will be merged with For the benefit of those who do not know, HungryGoWhere is a popular restaurant review portal. I believe many Singaporeans will know or have been using it for reference when searching for good food places.

Based on the Press Release, SingTel will be integrating it with food Channel.

The combination of these top lifestyle sites will change the game by creating an audience of two million customers – the largest food and lifestyle audience in Singapore. By combining HungryGoWhere with’s food channel, SingTel will be the leading digital expert on food and culinary establishments and will serve over 70 per cent of the visitors who rely on mobile and online means for food and restaurant advice.

I hope that SingTel will not change too much on the way HungryGoWhere operates. Most people love it for the fact that it is very focus on just one thing. If there are too many elements, it will cause confusion.

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