A Visit to Microsoft Technology Centre in Singapore (Video)

Thanks to Microsoft Singapore, I was invited to the Official opening of Microsoft Technology Centre (MTC). Before the VIPs arrived for the official opening, we (the media) had a preview of it. BTW, including Singapore, there are a total of 27 MCTs Worldwide.

As you can see above, the official opening is via a virtual ribbon using the Kinect technology. Microsoft is making full use of their technology 🙂 .

The MCT houses:

  • Server Display Room
  • Device Wall
  • Partner Solution Wall
  • Interactive Zone
  • 2 Development Suites
  • Executive Briefing Centre
  • Envisioning Centre
  • Consumer Experience Space

Our first stop is the Server Display Room.

Usually, most server rooms tend to be super cold to cool down the equipments inside them. However, for this server room, Microsoft uses technology like cooling water and circulating air within the rack to cool down the equipments.

When we stepped in, it is at normal temperature. I think you can imagine the savings on the air-conditioning. The door to the server rack is by card access. In this way, it helps the company to keep track of the people accessing it.

A close up of the door handle.

Next, we visited Fitnect. It is virtual fitting room that uses the Microsoft Kinect Technology. A person can try on the different clothing virtually. When you turn to the back, it will show the back. Very clever. Not sure when it will be commercially be available.

Here is a demonstration of Fitnect.

Next, we visited another part of the MCT where we can see Windows Phones, tablets and computers from their partners.

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From the above, you can see Windows 8 on various models of laptops and tablets.

Moving on, we had a good look at Surface 2.0. The device is from Samsung. We were shown a few applications that might make it commercially.

Next, we visited the Envisioning Room. I think this room is important for businesses as it helps them to understand if the technologies suit their business. Microsoft will be able to simulate the tools to be used for their businesses and they can have a hands-on to understand them.

Final stop is the Consumer Experience Space. It is like a super big living room with consumer technologies. You can see Xbox 360 and etc in this room.

At the end of the tour, we had a short discussion in the Executive Briefing Centre with Jessica Tan, MD of Microsoft Singapore. It was a lively discussion and I was quite surprised that the demand for Microsoft Technology Centre is so high. With their soft opening in the last 2 months, more than 1000 visitors across Asia had visited MTC.

Our visit ended with the arrival of the VIP, Dr Yaacob Ibrahim, Minister for Information, Communications for the official opening. Thank you, Microsoft, for arranging the tour.