900 Volunteers Needed to Measure Broadband Speed in Singapore (Video)

Want to improve the Internet broadband experience in Singapore? IDA has commissioned SamKnows Pte Ltd to perform the measurement of fixed broadband network performance of local ISPs. More information after the break.

To take part in this broadband benchmark study, you will need to submit an online application. If selected, you will be provided a bridging device (in the form of a router as above) from SamKnows and you have to connect this device between the original router/modem.

Watch this video to understand.

As mentioned, this project is from IDA and according to the information, it may last a year. Here is how to take part

  • Volunteers can sign up for the study anytime by visiting: http://www.samknows.sg/
  • They will be sent a small, purpose-built ‘Whitebox’ device that plugs into their internet connection. When a volunteer’s broadband line is not in use, the Whitebox runs a series of automated tests to measure the speed and performance of the connection.
  • The device only tracks bandwidth speeds and does not collect or track personal internet usage.

There are a lot of information from SamKnows’ site. You can also read about it from IDA.

Click Here to Read about the Study from IDA

and the Press Release