Special Price for OTO e-Shape for Mother’s Day Special

OTO introduces e-Shape for the young and trendy and also coupled with promotional price for it during the Mother’s Day special. On top of that, there will be outdoor campaign “Bling out your love” during the next few weeks. Check out the information after the break.

OTO Bodycare Reaches Out to the Modern Generation with the Sleek and Stylish e-Shape

SINGAPORE, 22 March 2012 – Wellness and healthcare product manufacturer OTO Bodycare has today announced its latest offering the OTO e-Shape.

Designed for a younger and trendier generation, the OTO e-Shape is a sleek and stylish slimming belt that can be attached to different parts of the body – arms, shoulder, abdomen, back, waist, hips, thighs, calves – to be massaged. Unlike conventional slimming belts, the e-Shape comes in a compact design to allow users to carry it around in their day bags so that they can use it in the car, in the office, or even while surfing the Internet in the comfort of their own homes.

Despite its compact size the e-Shape is large on functionality as it is both effective and user-friendly regardless of whether a user attaches the e-Shape to their arm or around their abdomen. In terms of aesthetics and design, the e-Shape is a forerunner in its product class.

“At OTO, we believe in combining traditional Eastern therapies along with Western technologies to develop innovative products for our customers” says, Ms. Yip Cher Shin, country manager for Singapore and Malaysia at OTO Bodycare. “The OTO e-Shape is a revolutionary product in the healthcare industry as it offers our customers a variety of benefits including portability and ease-of-use with added style. Unlike regular massagers and slimming belts, the e-Shape is chic and attractive with its sophisticated design.”

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The new e-Shape from OTO Bodycare is equipped with a unique technology that is based on both acupuncture points and sports science. By using high and varying oscillating speeds to stimulate certain acupressure points on the body, the e-Shape aids detoxification and promotes a healthy digestive system. The power from the oscillatory motions also enables fat to be detached from body tissues before they are drained out of the body through the lymphatic system which in turn aids overall body slimming and toning.

The e-Shape is also designed to help with improving the appearance and condition of cellulite through mimicking the strokes of traditional massage. Research has proven that massaging the skin on and around affected areas reduces the dimpled appearance of cellulite.

“We designed the e-Shape for the modern generation because of the hectic, fast-paced lifestyles they lead and their need to maximize their time and yet maintain a sense of a healthy and balanced lifestyle. Wellness is a part of life regardless of what age you might be and we hope to encourage people to take the opportunities to relax and rejuvenate whenever they can” adds Ms. Yip.

Available in three different colours – maroon, chocolate and violet –the OTO e-Shape will be available in Singapore from 9th April 2012 onwards.

Mother’s Day Special

As part of a celebratory offer for Mother’s Day, OTO will be offering the e-Shape at a promotional rate of S$198 from 9th April – 13th May. The e-Shape originally retails at S$298.

In the lead up to Mother’s Day, OTO Bodycare will also be conducting a unique campaign called “Bling out your Love”. The campaign aims to reach out to a younger audience with a fun element that encourages them to personalize their e-Shape with ‘bling’ in order to create fashionable and unique one-of-a-kind products.

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The campaign will also include a series of roadshows being held over five different weeks at various locations to introduce the OTO e-Shape to the public. Visitors at the roadshows can also take a look at and experience other OTO Bodycare health and wellness products.

To add a touch of glamour and entertainment to the events, OTO Bodycare will be working with radio personalities from 91.3FM and 100.3FM. Maddy Barber and Cheryl Miles from “The Backseat”, drive time evening show on 91.3FM, along with Ye Limei from the “Knock-Off Tornado” programme, Ken Low from the “Whole Night Long” programme, and Huang Wenhong from the “Don’t Give a Damn!”programme on 100.3FM will grace the roadshows to promote the e-Shape.

As part of the Mother’s Day celebrations, the five deejays will also be personalizing or ‘blinging up’ one OTO e-Shape each. The deejays each have individual inspirations behind their designs, making each of their e-Shapes a unique creation. The rationale behind this exercise is to encourage customers who purchase the e-Shape for themselves or their mothers or their friends to add a personal touch to the product, to make the gift a more meaningful one. Members of the public can stand to win a limited edition ‘blinged up’ e-Shape from OTO when they take part in the various roadshows.

OTO ‘Bling out your Love’ Roadshow Schedule



09 Apr 2012 (Mon) to 15 Apr 2012 (Sun)

10am – 10pm

VivoCity – Central Court B
16 Apr 2012 (Mon) to 22 Apr 2012 (Sun)

10am – 10pm

Plaza Singapura – Main atrium
23 Apr 2012 (Mon) to 29 Apr 2012 (Sun)

10am – 10pm

IMM – Level 2, Atrium
30 Apr 2012 (Mon) to 06 May 2012 (Sun)

10am – 10pm

Sun Plaza – Atrium, Plot B
30 Apr 2012 (Mon) to 06 May 2012 (Sun)

10am – 10pm

Bugis Junction – Hylam Street Event Space A
05 May 2012 (Sat) to 13 May 2012 (Sun)

10am – 10pm

City Square Mall – Atrium B
07 May 2012 (Mon) to13 May 2012 (Sun)

10am – 10pm

Nex – Atrium A,B & C
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More details on the OTO e-Shape “Bling out your Love” campaign and fringe activities can be found on OTO Bodycare’s Facebook page at http://www.facebook.com/OTO.Bodycare.Sg


About OTO

OTO is a home grown Singaporean company, well-established in the health and wellness business. Since starting its operations locally in 1978, OTO has expanded to other parts of the Asia-Pacific and continues to increase its presence globally. Headquartered in Singapore, the company has a workforce of more than 400 spread over offices in the region including Hong Kong, Malaysia and Macau. Through its distribution network, OTO has now established more than 200 retail outlets in over 30 countries around the globe including Asia, Australia, Europe, the Middle East and New Zealand. OTO Holdings Limited was also recently listed on the Hong Kong Stock Exchange.