Do not be caught in these nomisugi ads (video)

What would you do if people don’t listen to advices and continue to commit the same action again and again? In Japan, drink until you drop seems to be a trend. In the wee hours everyday, especially weekends, you should easily find drunk Japanese businessmen on the sidewalk or sleeping anywhere they can feel comfortable with.


My answer to the first question is: “shame them publicly” or at least that is what Yaocho, one of the biggest bar chain in Tokyo, has done to these drunk people who are sleeping anywhere but their beds.

In this Sleeping Drunk Billboard campaign, the drunks become the poster boys/girls. Armed with white duct tape, printed headlines, logos, the people scouted the streets for “models” in their campaign. Once identified, they will build a frame (white duct tape) around them, turning them into a billboard with a message for a call of action from the passerby (taking a picture of them and tagged it with #nomisugi which means (maybe) binge drinking, drink too much).

So, these people become a message real message for others. I am not sure if this will work in other countries. In Japan, shaming a person publicly is considered a harsh punishment as he/she needs to face the people (at least that is what I feel). So, don’t get drunk without support from your friends. If not, you might become one of the #nomisugi ad 🙂