Kawaii Assistant Puts a Pretty Face to Your Phone Assistant (Video)

If you think Siri on iPhone is boring, check out Kawaii Assistant. It puts a face to your phone assistant but be warned that it is not anywhere near the intelligence of Siri.

In fact, I think the pretty face “Suki” is there to distract you to realize that it cannot do much things other than recording your voice, and playing play Scissors-paper-stone. BTW, you can also “poke, blow, and shake her”.

A description from the app maker: –


  • Fully interactive with high definition visuals and sounds
  • Progressive game play mode with tons of replay value
  • Memo taking feature
  • Advice feature
  • Realistic visuals and reactions to all types of user input
  • Unlock-able modes showing Suki in different outfits
  • Multiple language support
  • Easier to please than your girlfriend 😉

Check out this video demo.

Click Here to Download Kawaii Assistant


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