How to Build an Awesome Microsoft App in 30 Days (Video)

Microsoft has been and is still going strong on luring more people to create apps for the devices. They have launched a “30toLaunch” website where you can get the resources to build an app in 30 days. The resources includes Windows 8, Windows Phone and Windows Azure.

It is a very good idea until you try to navigate the site. Take for example, I went into the section for Windows Phone app. It looks nice, just like the Metro design. I click on the schedule, another Metro-like page comes up.

It shows something Metro-like with different sections (Day 1 to 7, Day 8 to 14 and etc)  with some information on the right. There is a video on each section. When you click on the video, a video will pop up. I guess it should be Silverlight that they are using to play the video. The loading is super slow and I gave up watching it.

Actually, I got to know about this information from WMPoweruser. However, they actually linked it to another site, GenerationApp site, dedicated to Windows Phone 7 app only.

The content are the same for both the 30tolaunch site and the GenerationApp site. However, the Generation App site is easier to navigate. The videos are hosted on Youtube and load super fast.

So, if you are interested to learn how to build a Windows Phone app, please go to this link below.

Sorry for the rant but he experience I get on 30tolaunch site is really terrible. I actually wanted to do a quick tour on the site so that I can promote it. Too bad, I just could not recommend you the site. Here is the video promoting the 30tolaunch site.

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