Speaktoit for iOS Free on Valentine’s Day for 100,000 Users

Remember the other day I posted about Speaktoit for iOS? If you read through the post, you will know that it will be free on Valentine’s day for the first 100,000 users. Now, if you rush to iTunes, you may get it free 🙂 .

BTW, I got mine before posting this 🙂 . For those who are not sure what is Speaktoit, I can only say that it might be a replacement for Siri and also an alternative for those iOS devices without Siri.

Click Here to Check Out Speaktoit on iTunes

As of this writing, I have know many people cannot get the free app due to some error messages. Keep trying. As for those who don’t want to try, you can buy it at half price once the 100,000 users have been reached.


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