Teenage Canadian Boys Sent Lego Man to Space (Video)

As you may already know, they are not the first to send something to space (here, here and here). However, I must say that they did it cleverly using existing gadgets and resourcefulness. Check out the video and how they did it after the break.

Watch the video first.

Here are the “ingredients”

  • Weather balloon x 1
  • Homemade parachute x 1
  • point-and-shoot camera x 3
  • Styrofoam box x 1
  • Wide-angle video camera x 1
  • Mobile phone loaded with a GPS app x 1

BTW, the project costs US$400 and the balloon reaches an estimated height of 24km before the Lego Man was sent back to earth (in approximately half hour).

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(source via Digitaltrends)

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