Foursquare Partners SinglePlatform to Provide Menus with Pricing

If you think Foursquare has not done enough harm in search of good food recommended by your friends, here is another killer feature that will lure you to visit the check-in place.

Foursquare, in partnership with SinglePlatform, will be providing menus (with pricing) in real time to almost 250,000 restaurants across US cities.

So, if you reside in US, you are in luck. Anyway, currently, you can view the menu on The Check-In place will have a “see the menu” option on the right hand side of the page.

I think this will be an awesome feature. Too bad, we will need to wait for this information to be available for Singapore. As for apps, you will need to wait. Developers have already been given the resources (via API) and Foursquare has promised a “coming soon” to their app.

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