SOPA/PIPA Strike Will Start Tomorrow (Video)

Tomorrow (18th Jan in US, 19th Jan in Singapore) will be a dark day for Internet. Many of the well known sites have planned to protest against the legislation of SOPA (Stop Piracy Online Act) and PIPA (Protect IP Act) bills in Congress.

Although SOPA and PIPA sounds like a good idea and a protection to original content, it may potentially cause a lot of problems for many sites. Imagine the authority is now empowered to stop your site(s) if they think that you are infringing copyrights.

The bills are discussed in US but as I know, many bloggers or companies are using US-based servers and services. These may also be affected.

Currently, those websites that openly protest against SOPA and PIPA are Wikipedia, Google, Reddit, Cheezburger. Many sites have already sprung up to create awareness or to protest against SOPA/PIPA. One example is

In Singapore, SGentrepreneurs (SGE) has openly declared that they do not support SOPA/PIPA and they have done a write up on the impact of such legislation if it happens in Singapore.

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Twitter, although will not black out on Wednesday (US time), will become a good tool to spread the message and to organize the protest. If you are interested to monitor the progress, you can check out this hashtag, #SOPASTRIKE

Many websites are also creating tools that can black out websites (ie. Plugins) or post a message to create awareness on websites. You can check out the tools by following this hashtag, #StrikeTools

To check out how many websites have joined the movement, you can take a look at the link below.

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For those who are worried that you cannot access Wikipedia tomorrow, here is a good read on alternatives.

Click Here to Check Out Wikipedia Alternatives

So, lets brace ourselves for the aftermath tomorrow.