Polaroid Announces 16 Megapixel SC1630 Android Smart Camera

This might be the strangest combination on a device showcased at CES 2012 so far. Polaroid has announced a 16 Megapixel device that runs on Android OS.

Why do I say that it is the strangest. The fact that it looks like a phone and yet NOT a phone is already strange. The Polaroid SC1630 has a 3x optical zoom (36-108mm) lens. There is no mention of the aperture specs or other device specs (There will be a microSD slot with max capacity of 32GB).

It will be able to link to social networks via WiFi or optional cellular network. I guess the “features” of this device is the optical zoom and the onboard editing capability (at this moment, there is no details)

As it is linked to Android Market, it means that you can expand its capabilities with apps from Market. I wonder who would want to carry two devices (this Polaroid SC1630 and a phone).

Hope to see the specifications. If they image sensor is larger and has good low light capability, this might be a good device.

Anyway, here is the Press Release copied from Engadget.