Google Top Searches of 2011 by Singaporeans, Blogs Included

Google provided the latest Top Search by Singaporeans. One particular topic which I am  interested is the Top Blogs in Singapore. It was not there last year. Not surprisingly, Mr. Brown is top and the usual includes Xiaxue, Dawn Yang. Kay Kay is something new (but not surprising) as she has been super active on Twitter with many followers (plus her ClickNetwork appearance with Paul). Congrats to them. However, some of them, I guess, are due to some actions that they have done that let them rise up to Top blogs. IMHO, example like Peggy Heng, Steven Lim. What do you think?

Year in Singaporean Search: Google’s Top Searches of 2011

Local politics, gadgets and celebrity gossip top search queries in 2011

  • Tin Pei Ling is the fastest rising personality this year, as Singaporeans followed her foray into politics during the 2011 General Elections
  • Singaporeans are plugged into technology, with tech-related searches grabbing 5 out of the top 10 fastest rising searches
  • Kim Kardashian tops celebrity searches as Singaporeans followed news of her fairytale wedding and abrupt divorce

Singapore, December 5, 2011: Today, Google announced its annual Zeitgeist, a look at 2011 through the collective eyes of Singaporeans on the web. The 2011 Year-End Zeitgeist offers a unique perspective on the year’s major events and hottest trends based on searches conducted in

This year’s Zeitgeist underscored the nation’s interest in local politics with newcomers Tin Pei Ling and Nicole Seah and veteran George Yeo topping searches as Singaporeans followed the 2011 General Elections online. Searches on the Singapore elections also figured prominently in this year’s top news searches.

Other major news stories that grabbed attention this year included the devastating earthquake in Japan and the uprisings in Libya and Egypt. Locally, as MRT routes continue to expand, the SMRT map became a popular image search this year. In a country that prides itself on staying wired in, it’s no surprise that we also scoured the blogosphere for news and information — from a humorous look at local happenings with Mr Brown, fashion trends with Beatrice Tan to product reviews and beauty tips from XiaXue.

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On the lighter side, Singaporeans kept up with the latest celebrity gossip, with American reality TV star Kim Kardashian — famed for her 72-day marriage to NBA star Kris Humphries — topping searches. A look at the top image searches revealed that Bieber fever has gripped Singapore too, as the teen star topped the list, with his girlfriend, Selena Gomez, not far behind.

Tech-crazy Singaporeans had plenty to search for this year. The iPad2, the rumoured iPhone5 and Samsung grabbed top spots as the fastest rising search terms of the year as well as the top news searches of the year. In the realm of gaming, Singaporeans battled monsters and explored new worlds in multiplayer online games like Dragon Nest, DotA and Wolfteam.

Always on the lookout for a good deal, Singaporeans made sure to note down the dates of the 2011 PC Show, one of the best occasions to get the latest gadgets at the lowest prices. No surprise then, that Groupon, a daily-deals website, rapidly won the island over, topping this year’s fastest rising searches. Singaporeans also indulged their love of food this year with searches for pizza, grilled seafood, cupcakes, waffles and nasi lemak topping the list.

A popular weekend-getaway spot for Singaporeans on the hunt for great food and shopping, Hong Kong emerged as the top travel destination. On the whole, however, holidaymakers preferred to relax under the sun with well-known beach destinations snagging 8 out of the top 10 travel hotspots.

Google spokesperson Sana Rahman says: “The year-end Zeitgeist is a cultural barometer showing us what quickened our national heartbeat and drove our curiosity. Singaporean searches for sun-soaked travel, good food, gadgets and games show we’re a nation that knows how to have fun any day of the year!”

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Here’s a quick overview of Singapore’s top searches:

Top Local Blogs

  1. mrbrown
  2. Beatrice Tan
  3. Yankaykay
  4. Peggy Heng
  5. Steven Lim
  6. Xiaxue
  7. Norfasarie2baihakki
  8. Dawn Yang
  9. Silver Ang
  10. Miyake Wong

Fastest Rising Queries

  1. Groupon
  2. iPad2
  3. iPhone5
  4. Japan earthquake
  5. Planking
  6. Google+
  7. Tin Pei Ling
  8. Samsung Galaxy S2
  9. Clementi mall
  10. PC Show 2011

Fastest Rising People

  1. Tin Pei Ling
  2. Amy Winehouse
  3. Nicole Seah
  4. Steve Jobs
  5. Adele
  6. George Yeo
  7. Kate Middleton
  8. Natalie Portman
  9. Selena Gomez
  10. Avril Lavigne

Top Travel Destinations

  1. Hong Kong
  2. Maldives
  3. Kuching
  4. Paris
  5. Cayman Islands
  6. Phi Phi island
  7. Honolulu
  8. Hawaii
  9. Aruba
  10. Cancun

Top Food and Drink

  1. Pizza
  2. Sushi
  3. Grilled seafood
  4. Cupcakes
  5. Ice cream sundae
  6. Pancakes
  7. Gourmet popcorn
  8. Nasi lemak
  9. Waffles
  10. Red velvet cake

Top Online Games

  1. Dragon Nest
  2. Maplestory
  3. DotA
  4. Tetris
  5. Diablo 3
  6. Dark Souls
  7. Mousehunt
  8. Pokemon
  9. Bejeweled
  10. Wolfteam

Top News Searches

  1. iPad2
  2. Libya
  3. Singapore election
  4. Japan earthquake
  5. iPhone5
  6. Samsung
  7. Steve jobs
  8. Tin Pei Ling
  9. Nicole Seah
  10. Egypt

Top ‘Image Search’ Searches

  1. Justin Bieber
  2. Girls Generation
  3. Singapore
  4. Selena Gomez
  5. Love
  6. Megan Fox
  7. Taylor Swift
  8. Shinee
  9. SMRT map
  10. Angry Birds

Top Celebrity Searches

  1. Kim Kardashian
  2. Emma Watson
  3. Scarlett Johansson
  4. Angelina Jolie
  5. David Beckham
  6. Megan Fox
  7. Britney Spears
  8. Jennifer Aniston
  9. Lindsay Lohan
  10. Jackie Chan

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