How to Stop Music Once It Starts Playing on Windows Phone (Video)

This post sounds stupid. Why am I trying to teach people how to stop music on their Windows Phone? The fact is that on Windows Phone, once you start music, you can pause it but you cannot stop it completely.

On Microsoft Forum, there are people asking the same question and the answer is that it was designed in this way. Once you pause it, it will not be running in the background.

This has been discussed a bit in this thread:

Basically, there’s no need to “stop” a song. When you’re done listening to music just hit the pause button and forget about it. The pause button does basically the same thing and an extra stop button doesn’t really add any extra functionality. The pause doesn’t leave anything running in the background. It just stops the music, marks where you were and allows you to resume if you do decide to start it up again.

However, I guess Microsoft fails to understand that not everyone wants to have that music info on their lock screen or when you press the volume button.

Anyway, I found a simple way to stop it.

How to Stop Music Completely on Windows Phone

  • You will need a video file
  • Go to “Music+Video”.
  • Run a video

That is it! Easy?

I did a short video to show you how.