HTC HD2 Will NOT Get Windows Phone 7 Upgrade

It is sad but I do see Microsoft’s point on not upgrading HTC HD2 (although this is NOT official). According to at MIX10, they talked to Microsoft and it was mentioned that HTC HD2 will not have upgrade to Windows Phone 7 Series. This time, Microsoft seems to be very firm with their 3 hardware buttons policy.

If you have a glimpse of what Microsoft have for Windows Phone 7, you will realized that most hardware today will not be able to function smoothly.

This move means that future phone will be boring. It may means that phone company will only be able to change the shape of the phone but NOT the hardware specifications (at least, just minimum change).

In my opinion, does it means that for future Windows Phone 7 Series phone, we will only see clones of what we have seen so far (3 buttons and a high resolution screen, 3 chassis config) but with a different phone brand?

We shall see, as Windows Phone 7 Series will be rolling out later part of this year.

What is your view?

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