Motorola RAZR Launch Event in Singapore

Was invited to Motorola RAZR launch event in Singapore (4th November 2011). It was held at Luxe Art Museum. It has been a long time since I heard about the RAZR (iconic) name. It has been associated with thin and light in the past. And, true to the name, the Motorola RAZR is super light and thin (7.1mm).

Before the worldwide launch (18th Oct 2011), Motorola has been teasing the world about this RAZR. Now, it is finally in Singapore. The event started with Spiros Nikolakopoulos, Vice President and General Manager, International Distribution Markets, Motorola Mobility talking about the phone and its design.

From far, I can see that the screen is super bright.

During the presentation, it was mentioned that only a few percentage of people would want to put their things (files, music, video) on the cloud. Motorola has a unique solution to it. They introduce the Motorola MotoCast.

With MotoCast, the user can save their files on their computer and then access it via the the Motorola RAZR. In this way, the information is safely in your computer. We were shown a demonstration on the technology.

With MotoCast, you can access your files in a remote computer via 3G or WiFi.

Here is how the information will look on the phone.

After the demo, we were given a run through of how businesses can make use of Motorola RAZR. It has all (almost) the business tools in it ( GoTo Meeting app and etc).

In the final Q&A session, someone asked about ICS (Ice Cream Sandwich). We were assured that ICS will be coming to this phone. As for the Lapdock 100 (accessories), it will also be coming.

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Next, we were given a chance to hands on the Motorola RAZR. Here is the different view of the phone. Notice the black is very black?

Here is with the screen turned on.

A close up on the buttons.

And a close up on the branding (I love it).

I like the back of the phone.It has KEVLAR fibre coating and super sleek.

A close up of the 8 MegaPixel camera.

A close up on the marking on the back. Seems like everything is made or assembled in China nowadays.

On the side, it has power on/off button and the rocker switch for volume

On the other side, it has no button. It has only the MicroSIM card slot and the external MicroSD card slot.

Here is a close up with the cover opened.

Too bad, it does not have a physical button for the camera shutter. On the bottom, it is clean.

However, on the top, it looks cluttered with the 3.5mm earphone jack, the Micro USB port for charging and data transfer and a Mini HDMI port.

During the presentation on MotoCast, we were shown how it looks like on the phone. Now, Motorola has laptops around to show us how the files can be easily shared.

Here is look at the folders (settings) on the laptop. It looks super easy to setup.

And here is the view from the Motorola RAZR.

On a final note, I feel that as Android progress, it is difficult for makers to differentiate themselves from others. Motorola has cleverly incorporated design (hardware) and software (MotoCast) into the final product which can make them unique amongst the competitors. Overall, the initial feel on the phone is as what Motorola has touted, Thinner, Stronger. As for Faster, Smarter, we will need to do some test to justify it.