Microsoft Moving Backwards with New Hardware Specs?

Microsoft updated its specs on Windows Phone. If you are expecting things like compulsory front facing camera and dual core processor, you might be disappointed as the new specs shows them to be optional items now.

With the new specs, things like Main camera, front facing camera, gyro becomes optional.  Sounds disappointing but I guess the decison seems to be pointing to lower end handsets. Here is some specs (as of 23rd September): –

Standard Hardware

  • A common set of hardware controls and buttons that include the Start, Search, and Back buttons.
  • A large WVGA (800 x 480) format display capable of rendering most web content in full-page width and displaying movies in widescreen.
  • Capacitive 4-point multi-touch screens for quick, simple control of the phone and its features.
  • Support for data connectivity using cellular networks and Wi-Fi.
  • 256 MB (or more) of RAM and 8 GB (or more) of flash storage.
  • A-GPS
  • Accelerometer

Optional Hardware

  • Compass
  • Gyro
  • Primary Camera
  • Front-facing Camera

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