I Fly at iFly Singapore, Get Special iFly Deal Here (Video)

Thanks to iFly Singapore, I was able to fulfill my childhood dream of flying without wings (watch too many Superman movies). I was invited to iFly recently (19th August) to check out the facilities. I think I am hooked 🙂 . (PS: Read on for the special deal. You don’t want to miss it)

So, where is this iFly? It is located on Sentosa island, just next to the Beach Station. It is very big. You will not miss it. Just opened recently on 18th May 2011, it is already attracting a stream of visitors daily.

According to the information, iFly Singapore, at a height of 56.5 ft and width of 16.5ft, is the world’s largest indoor skydiving simulator. And to add on, you can have a nice view of the nightly fireworks display from Songs of the Sea and of course, the South China Sea.

Don’t be mistaken by this picture (above) on the height. You can go much higher. In fact, in layman’s term, you can reach up to 5 storeys high.

The iFly Singapore works like an airport terminal. You have to book a flight or retrieve your online booking first. You will then be given a tag upon confirmation.

You might wonder if you fit the bill to fly at iFly. Well, in Singapore, you can fly at iFly from age ranging from 7 years old to 106 years old (of course, you have to be fit – don’t worry, they will ask you about it).

When the flight time is near (come 2 hours before flight time), you will enter the tunnel and have some time to see some videos on iFly.

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As we were being invited, we were given a thorough brief of the facility. And we were glad to meet the Founder, Lawerence, who was previously from the Red Lions that entertained us during National Day Parades.

Back to the tunnel. Once completed, we were lead to a room where we have to attend a compulsory training session for 1st time flyer.

This looks like massage tables but they are not.

They are training tables to allow the instructor to correct our posture. Here are some pics of some of the bloggers that were there at the session.

DK on the table.

Holly Jean on the table

Qiuting on the table.

Davienne (Huiwen) on the table

Miyagi (Benjamin) on the table.

Dawn Yang on the table.

Pat Law on the table.

This training is necessary as we are taught some hand signals to correct our posture inside the wind tunnel. With wind speed of more than 300km/hr powered by 4 fans, and with our earplugs on, it is impossible to hear anything inside.

At the counter, we were given the flight suit, goggle and earplugs.

Here is the full suit.

And the flight timing.

And our little young ambassadors of the iFly Singapore.

Just before the flight. I have (from left) Holly, Qiuting, Jayley and Huiwen.

And Lawerence and the two Ambassadors.

Just before we fly, a group photo.

We were super excited. Watch the video below and see how some of us are super hilarious and how these professional instructors are helping us out. (Warning: It is a 5 min ++ video. Those who attended might be interested, those who did not attend might fell asleep half way through the video. I tried my best to incorporate all bloggers and friends in the video 🙂 )

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BTW, here are some pictures of myself. See how low I fly without the help of the instructor… haha

With help.

A finale ending the flight.

Thanks to Joy for helping to take these picture. Now, here is the blogger special that I am talking about. And thanks to Joshua and Jerome for coaching and supervising us 🙂 .

iFly Singapore’s Wicked Wednesdays!

Blogger Special


What is the offer?

Readers are entitled a special discounted Adult First Time Challenge Package at only S$59 (U.P. S$89) at iFly Singapore every Wednesday.

How to enjoy this special offer?

To enjoy this offer, readers must flash this blog post (either on Mobile Phones, Laptops or Print Out) on iFly Singapore. You will need to present it upon purchase of the flights tickets at the iFly Singapore Ticketing Booths.

Read this carefully!


  1. To enjoy the discount, purchases must be made in person at iFly Singapore. Online advance bookings do not apply.
  2. Bookings can only be made up to a maximum of seven days in advance.
  3. Flights are subject to availability.

When will this offer start/end?

This offer is valid on Wednesdays for the month of September and is inclusive of all flight times of the day.

I must say that the trip has made me more interested in iFly than ever. You might be seeing me check in there more often. So, if you want to try it, please make use of the wicked Wednesday offer in September. Trust me, it is a steal for 2 flights of 45 seconds at this price.

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