Every Singaporean Driver Should Get Summon Auntie App

Do you dread being given a parking ticket for parking at the wrong place (and wrong time). Previously, these summon aunties (mostly aunties) write the summons manually. Now, they are equipped with device that can immediately summon you. We have to beat them with technology too! :). Introducing “Summon Auntie” App for iOS devices

A very simple app. You have three options, Park/Unpark, Alert and Kena. To be effective, more people must use the app. So, that is why I am promoting it :).

How to use?

  • Park your car? Press Park (if you leave, press again to Unpark)
  • Saw a Summon Auntie in the vicinity, press Alert to save the rest.
  • Gotten a ticket/summon, press Kena to share with friends on Facebook.

The app is using location based method to determine your location. So, if anyone in the area press “Alert”, you will get a push notification on the alert.

So, if people abuse it, you will get a lot of false alarms. Anyway, the developer is clever enough to stop the abuse (from a single source) by giving you a pop up message to say that there shouldn’t be so many aunties in such a short span of time. Haha.

Anyway, you can see the history or alert in the tab.

Anyway, I think I talk too much. Use it and benefit the others. Search for Summon Auntie on App Store.

Click Here to Summon Auntie App


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